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English Material Development Example | Development 2

Material Development Example | Development 2 
Level             : Intermediate
Skills              : writing
Objectives  : Setelah pembelajaran, siswa diharapkan dapat:
-          Menulis kalimat yang berisi ungkapan tentang meminta bantuan, menawarkan, meminta izin, dan mengundang.

1.       Students are guided to find out sentences in the text (OMG) that indicate requests, invitations, permissions and offers.
2.       Explanation about requests, invitations, permissions and offers sentences.
3.       Gap fillers. The students fill in the missing modal that fits best in the space; can, could, or would!

Dominic texts her mother to ask her, if he can go to the festival

Dominic        : Hi mom. ____________ it be okay if I went to a festival on Friday?
Mom             : What festival?
Dominic        : The film festival
Mom             : ____________ you ask your father, please? I am a little busy.
Dominic        : I already asked him, he said to ask you. __________ I go, please. It is really important to me.
Mom             : Who are you going with?
Dominic        : Cindy.
Mom             : ___________ can you ask her parents to call us so we can set up some ground rules.
Dominic        : Okay ma, does that mean it is okay?
Mom             : I suppose so …
Dominic        J, Thank you, Thank you, ma. I love you.

The roles:

  1. 1. The learners’ role is object study. Their activity in daily life, such as interaction among friend or family, is as object study. They fill in the blank provided by the teacher.
  2. 2.   The teacher’s role is as facilitator who sets up the material. He is also a material provider, he or she provides the text.
  3. 3.   The material’s role is information about the use of modals in daily life. 

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