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English Material Development Example | Development 3

Material Development Example | Development 3 
Development 3

This is the third Development of the material.

Level             : Upper Intermediate
Skills              : writing
Objectives  : : Setelah pembelajaran, siswa diharapkan dapat:
-          Menulis teks dialog atau percakapan yang berisi ungkapan tentang meminta bantuan, menawarkan, meminta izin, dan mengundang.
-          Mengubah kalimat langsung menjadi kalimat tidak langsung.

1.       Write an IM, YM or FB chat
Imagine that you and your friends are planning a trip overseas. Write an IM, YM or FB chat that you might have togather to help your plan. Include lots of requests, offers, permissions, and invitations.
2.       Explanation more about how to change direct speech into indirect speech.
3.       Teacher guided the students to read the Dominic text to her mother, and change it into paragraphs (direct to indirect speech).

The roles:
1.       The learners’ role is processor. They process the activity of writing by changing direct speech into indirect speech.
2.       The teacher’s role is as consultant or adviser. He or she stands with the learners in their writing processes and also to clarify the concept.
3.       The material’s role is as input. It also gives information about the structure of indirect speech.

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