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English Material Development Example : Development 1

English Material Development Example : Development 1 Well, at this moment, I want to share about material development. And here is an example of how to develop a material. A material itself doesn't matter, but developing is. So, it depends of the teacher and the level and member of the participants so the teacher can make an appropriate development. After posting this first development, the second and third development will be posted later.

Level : Intermediate

OMG :0

This is taken from an IM chat between two best friends, Cindy and Dominic as they plan a trip away to a movie festival on the weekend.

Cindy             : OMG!!! I got ticket for the festival. Can you make it?

Dominic        : J I sure hope so!  KYFC; I am asking my mom today.

Cindy             : If she says yes, how do you want to get down there? I can’t get hold of a car. Could you possibly get hold of some transportation?

Dominic        : How about if I Borrow my brother’s car? He owes me a favour.

Cindy             : :-X that would be fantastic!

Dominic        : But would you mind helping pay for petrol. I am broke at the moment.

Cindy             : No problem!

Dominic        : Great. What are you going to bring?

Cindy             : Well … lots of changes of clothes-it’s pretty hot there this time of year. I think I will bring my laptop also because I still have school work to catch up on.

Dominic        : Could I borrow it also where you’re not using it? I have a bunch of work to catch up on too!

Cindy             : OK, NBD.

Dominic        : Thx. If my mom aggrees, I will pick you up at around 3.00 on the day. Can you make sure that you are on time PLZ – if we are later than 3 we will catch the rush-hour traffic.

Cindy             : X-(

Dominic        : Don’t be mad. But you are always late.

Cindy             : Could you not critisize me like that again please, it makes me sad. :’-(

Dominic        : SOZ

Cindy             : Just kidding!

Dominic        : You got me!

Cindy             : Okay, I have to get going now. I hope your mom says yes. I could always get my parents to call you parents if she says no.

Dominic        : Thx 4 the offer. I will see what happens. What r u up 2 2night?

Cindy             : Nothing much. You could come over and watch a video if you like. RUUP4IT?

Dominic        : OK

Cindy             : Cool, I will see u in a few hours. You can bring your brother along if you want, I know you are babysitting.

Dominic        : Thx, see u then.

Cindy             : TTFN

Development 1

Level             : Intermediate

Skills              : Speaking and Reading

Objectives  : : Setelah pembelajaran, siswa diharapkan dapat:

-          Bertanya jawab tentang isi cerita yang telah dibaca atau ditonton, (plot, karakter, setting, dsb.), dengan pengucapan, intonasi, tata bahasa, dan kosa kata yang benar.

-          Membaca nyaring teks-teks bacaan pendek dengan ucapan, intonasi, dan tata bahasa yang benar.


A.      Before they read the text, ask them to discuss these questions with a partner.

  1. Have you ever tried chatting on IM, YM, or FB?
  2. How is the language we use when we are chatting different form the language we use when we are writing an email or talking normally?
  3. Which of these chat acronyms or smileys do you know? What do they mean?

143         TTFN      Thx         PLZ         4u         
X-(  T_T ^_^        ;)

B.      Read the dialogue text in pair

1.       Teacher read it first
2.       Teacher and students read it in turn sentence by sentence
3.       Ask them to read it in pair
4.       Practice

C.      Pronounce the following words

Favour          /ˈfeɪ.vɚ/                                            
OMG             /ˈoʊ.em.dʒiː /
Petrol            /ˈpet.r ə l/                                         
Possibly        /ˈpɒs.ə.bli/
Can               /kæn/
Could            /kʊd/
Would           /wʊd/

D.      Text acronyms dictionary

OMG             = Oh My God
KYFT              = Keep your fingers crossed
KIT                  = Keep In Touch
NBD               = No big deal
PLZ                 = Please
SOZ                = Sorry
What r u up 2 2nite = What are you up to (doing) tonight?
RUUP4It                       = Are you up for it?
Thx                                 = Thanks
TTFN                              = Ta ta (goodbye) for now
CU                                  = See You
143                                 = I love you
E.       Every language has its own text acronyms. What are some text acromyms that you know and what do they mean?

The roles:

  • The learners’ role is informant and imitator. They are asked to answer some questions related to the social network and chatting based on their experienced. They also imitate the teacher’s pronounciation.
  • The teacher’s role is as facilitator who sets up the material. He is also as a pronunciation model. Besides that, he is also as a mediator by asking the learners to find some acronyms used in chatting.
  • The material’s role is information provider about language used when we are chatting, and acronyms.

Well, Development 2 will be posted soon . . . . AJM

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